Subsea Controls & Monitoring

Subsea Control Systems

Simplify and subsea are two terms that generally do not go together. Conventional wisdom would tell us that if you are going to operate and monitor subsea wells, you can expect long lead times, expensive processes and very complex communication systems.

Proserv has once again challenged conventional wisdom by developing market-leading technologies that can be combined with incompatible systems, offer increased options in expanding fields and allow for the retrofitting of a large variety of designs into existing operations. Proserv’s direct hydraulic and multiplexed production subsea control systems provide the control and shutdown of subsea wells together with robust communications that enable the topside management and monitoring of subsea activities.

Proserv Augmented Control Technologies (ACT)

Specifically for our subsea controls and communications capabilities, we can offer clients a smarter solution that challenges convention and helps reduce operating costs, extend field-life and maximise ultimate recovery.

Proserv Augmented Control Technologies (ACT) is actually an approach we adopt that involves allowing additional control technologies to be deployed to augment an existing control system and open up a range of opportunities that were previously not available. Essentially, this approach can offer Operators a truly flexible solution to seamlessly extend field life in the future without affecting the existing subsea control system, helping to deliver uninterrupted production.

Interested in finding out how ACT can benefit your operations? Find out more below:

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Proserv Subsea Control Module (SCM)

Proserv’s Electro-Hydraulic SCMs are designed to meet initial field requirements and provide expansion to suit full field development as required. Flexible and modular in design, our SCMs are compatible with trees from all major tree manufacturers and are effective in shallow or deepwater down to 3,000 m/ 10,000 ft.

Our systems can be diver or ROV deployed with an active or passive mounting base.

Artemis 2G – Next Generation Technology

The Artemis 2G (A2G) subsea electronics module is a next generation subsea controls and communications technology for green and brown field applications, that uniquely frees operators from the constraints of an existing umbilical by finding additional signal capacity to enable a cost-effective field upgrade or extension.

    Features & Benefits:
  • Offers high-speed, copper-based, multi-drop networks as a viable alternative to fibre optic infrastructures
  • Maximises flexibility and optimises functionality providing more powerful communications and instrument support.
  • Increases accessibility for remote usage through its webpage interface from subsea to the desktop
  • Can be used to co-exist with existing networks, is fully back compatible with existing technology and doesn’t require any proprietary software for remote configuration and support.
  • Is fully compliant with subsea control and instrumentation standards; ISO 13628-6, API 17F, SIIS, IWIS

Proserv Open Communications Hub (OCH)

The Proserv OCH does something unique in subsea operations, it simplifies. The Proserv OCH enables fully transparent communications and provides high-speed data monitoring from the subsea multiphase flow meters and control modules.

The OCH is part of an entire system that reduces the complexity of connecting seemingly disparate systems and provides an interface for up to six instruments using only one pair of umbilical power cables for data transmission. The OCH works with all major trees and control systems to create a transparent communication system.

Proserv SeaHawk™ Subsea Video Surveillance System

Seahawk™ was developed for environmental monitoring, surveillance and retrofit on brownfields. The technology can be installed on a subsea Christmas tree or manifold to provide visual monitoring of potential leakages. High-quality video is taken by the camera which uses image analysis to verify and confirm existing warning signals to determine whether there is a real threat.

Existing Fields & Retrofit Communications
Mature fields and existing installations often require upgraded equipment to improve production and safety. Proserv supports this through the provision of advanced communications technology that enables co-existence with existing equipment and cable infrastructure.

The system is operated using a power line and broadband or Ethernet connection.

    Key challenges faced by existing fields:
  • Performance limitations of existing technology
  • Equipment Obsolescence
  • System reaching original design life limits
  • Current infrastructure has no further capability for extension

With minimal system impact, Proserv can enable flexible monitoring and surveillance solutions for enhanced diagnostic and maintenance to support operations personnel.

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