Delivering value for all of our stakeholders requires a focus on quality and operational improvement. By splitting the competing priorities of Quality and HSE we can ensure we are fully committed to driving the best possible outcomes.
Davis Larssen, CEO


Proserv is fully committed to providing quality products and services that meet or exceed the expectations of both internal and external customers and other interested parties.

By having a combined Quality and HSE function, organisations can be forced to prioritise one over the other. That is not the Proserv way. By separating Quality from HSE, each function now has a dedicated global leader to drive strategy, develop global policy/process and support the local delivery teams, many of whom retain a combined QHSE responsibility.

Our vision is to create an organisation in which every individual is clear on what they need to deliver and how to deliver it, has the best tools to carry out their role and feels accountable for their actions; striving to ensure that every product, service and solution is delivered on time, right first time, in the safest and most efficient way.

To enable this, Proserv created a global role with responsibility for quality and operational improvement and its senior management remain fully committed to providing an overall quality management system, aligned to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

It is the policy of Proserv to:

  • Recruit, retain and develop enthusiastic, competent employees that contribute to the continual improvement of our performance
  • Help and encourage the development of our employees with competence programmes
  • Provide products and services that comply with local regulatory requirements, industry codes, standards and specifications, and customer requirements
  • Set clear quality objectives and monitor our progress towards their successful achievement
  • Implement audit programmes that review and challenge the applicability and effectiveness of processes and procedures, demonstrating Proserv’s commitment to continuous improvement
  • Implement effective processes to ensure the early detection, correction and prevention of non conformances throughout our business

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