“We understand there is only so much information a human can absorb effectively and we’re responsible for maximising that performance. It is for that reason we’ve been exploring and adopting new innovative HMI design philosophies such as those used by NASA and SpaceX.”

Stuart Harvey, Digital Innovation Director

We are delighted that two of our key technology leaders are featured on the front cover of the latest OGV Energy Magazine which, this month, spotlights Innovation & Technology. Paul Cook, Business Development Director – Renewables, and Stuart Harvey, Digital Innovation Director, give an in-depth interview to the title on their on-going activities to drive forwards our technology roadmap.

Stuart talks about an exciting new digital offering that harnesses the power of data and analytics to monitor the performance of assets, enabling any slight deviations from the norm to be identified swiftly so potential issues are flagged up early. He also references his work around exploring innovative HMI design philosophies, such as those used by NASA and SpaceX. Paul focuses on his disruptive holistic cable monitoring system for offshore wind – ECG™. He explains how our technology offers a dramatic transformation on traditional cable monitoring approaches and provides a new methodology around cable asset management for the wider industry.

This story is reproduced with the kind permission of OGV Energy. You can read the full magazine here.