Andrew Connelly

Andrew Connelly

Posted: January 17, 2018

Andrew Connelly was recently received the Fresh Values Award – Entrepreneurial Spirit. 

Andrew shows great pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit, particularly as he drives forward opportunities for our acoustic product line into new markets. Andrew came to Proserv from Nautronix and quickly demonstrated a keen awareness of joined up thinking and the bigger picture, with a good understanding of the new technologies and complementary services he could offer to industry now he was part of the larger Proserv group. In addition, he has been part of a proactive team driving forward a ‘wireless’ IWOCS offering whilst also taking the lead on the delivery of major projects for acoustic control solutions.

Andrew was heavily involved in discussions where the customer is looking for an acoustic control system for surface BOP drilling. Demonstrating his entrepreneurial spirit, Andrew saw the opportunity to expand Proserv’s involvement in the project by including an acoustic valve pack, accumulators and umbilicals in the work scope. He then worked closely with colleagues in Great Yarmouth to prepare this pioneering proposal for the customer.

Great Job Andrew!

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