Drilling Controls

  • 60 years’ experience in the drilling controls sector
  • 240+ drilling control system refurbishments
  • 4,750+ custom precision valve solutions manufactured
Drilling Controls


“The offshore drilling market requires reliable and on-time delivery products and services to eliminate rig downtime due to stack pulls and untimely maintenance. Proserv’s commitment to world class products will meet the drilling industry’s demands for extended life cycle reliability to improve rig up time and minimise maintenance intervals. Proserv Drilling Controls is the first in the industry to offer products that meet the requirement of 5 year maintenance free operations with the increase in reliability of our latest control valves.

Proserv’s broad range of new and existing technologies continues to lead the way in creating new product solutions for rig contractors. Our innovative technology, engineering, manufacturing and in- depth research and development capabilities allow us to offer reliability focused solutions that will continue to impact the future of drilling.” – Scott Shugart, President Drilling Controls

Why choose Proserv

We develop reliable and industry leading controls technology to help our customers improve the performance and lifespan of their assets.

By combining technical ingenuity with design, engineering, manufacturing and field service expertise, we create innovative solutions that can be applied to standardised systems.

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