The Proserv NASNet® subsea positioning system is an advanced multi-user, versatile longbase line positioning system that can simultaneously position unlimited objects with fast updates and no acoustic interference.


An advanced subsea acoustic positioning system combining long baseline and short baseline operating modes, designed specifically to meet the dynamic positioning reference requirements of ultra-deepwater drilling vessels.


The industry’s first and only truly digital diver communication system for saturation diving operations, using permanently installed wired communications.


Proserv’s emergency blowout preventer acoustic control system, specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of mission critical BOP control.


Long range, high integrity remote subsea control and monitoring of assets, either as a primary system, or secondary in conjunction with a subsea umbilical connection.

Pig Tracking & Subsea Acoustic Location

Proserv’s Nautronix range of tracking systems provide accurate and straightforward tracking with applications onshore, offshore, and subsea.

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