Electrical Systems

Hydrostatic test equipment

Proserv is an industry expert in flushing and hydrostatic pressure (HP) testing services with over 30 years experience both onshore and offshore.

Artemis 2G

Artemis 2G subsea electronics module is a next generation controls and communications tool that uniquely frees operators from the constraints of an existing brownfield umbilical by finding additional signal capacity to enable a cost-effective field upgrade or extension.

Subsea control modules

Flexible and modular in design, Proserv’s SCMs are compatible with subsea christmas trees from all major manufacturers and are effective in shallow or deepwater down to 3,048 m/ 10,000 ft.

Flushing & fluid cleanliness equipment

Mobile, general service or zone-rated hydraulic flushing and test rigs applicable for use in offshore installations, petrochemical plants, defence establishments, railways and shipping.

HIPPS controls

Dedicated control systems to meet the stringent safety requirements for high pressure environments. Get more from your existing subsea infrastructure with high integrity pressure protection system (HIPPS) controls. This retrievable safety system enables unparalleled cost and schedule efficiency to optimise your subsea projects and unlock marginal reservoirs.

Electrical & umbilical test equipment

Proserv specialise in state of the art monitoring systems for hydraulic, electrical and fibre optic subsea control umbilicals in accordance with operator specifications and international standards.

Sample cylinders

Proserv specialises in the manufacture, sale, rental and service of hydrocarbon sample cylinders.

Downhole sampling

Proserv specialises in down-hole sampling which supports evaluation and appraisal of a reservoir.

Subsea sampling

Proserv specialises in delivering solutions for ROV and diver subsea sampling systems, allowing for the capture of representative samples from the subsea tree, pipeline or manifold.

Topside sampling

Proserv designs, manufactures, supplies and services a range of systems to allow for representative sampling topsides.

Chemical injection

Proserv specialises in the application, design, fabrication and manufacture of permanent and rented chemical injection systems to standard design or bespoke requirements.

Well intervention control systems

As well as rental systems, Proserv supplies customer specific well intervention control systems. These systems can be provided for shallow and deep water and range from manually operated direct hydraulic systems to software controlled and highly flexible and responsive electro-hydraulic systems.

Open communications hub

A flexible communication, power distribution and integration solution for both green and brownfield systems alike. Combined with a flexible range of mounting options the OCH can be readily retrofitted into existing subsea systems.

Subsea distribution

In-house design, manufacture, and supply of subsea distribution systems for the effective power and communication distribution between subsea controls systems and topside.

Termination & distribution units

Proserv’s termination assembly units centralise signals from many cross party products, allowing clients to bring a variety of signal types together in a single unit.

Master control station

Proserv’s MCS provides backward compatibility with legacy systems allowing existing customers to upgrade or extend fields and address obsolescence or reliability issues.

TIACS software

A topside software package that is designed to handle integration of subsea (but not limited to) sensor data with topside automation systems.

Proserv SeaHawk™

Proserv’s subsea camera surveillance system for environmental monitoring, surveillance and retrofit on brownfields.

Wellhead control panels

Chemical injection

Transportable, permanent and skid-mounted chemical injection systems. Rental, maintenance and commissioning.

Emergency shutdown devices

We manufacture and supply various types of ESDs designed for well testing applications.


The complete metering solution: system design, build, installation and support

Hydraulic power unit

Proserv HPUs are designed to provide and maintain the performance and functionality required for reliable and safe operation of subsea systems.

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