• 750 downhole samplers
  • 38,000 sampling cylinders
  • 10 subsea sampling systems
  • 1,000 fluid sampling solutions
  • 2,000 chemical injection solutions

Proserv engineers, designs, and manufactures a range of solutions for sampling, incorporating sample containment, transportation cylinders, and chemical injection systems. Our expertise is founded on our broad technical knowledge and extensive in-house engineering and production chemistry capability.

Our service extends beyond design and manufacture of equipment into rental and maintenance support for our clients across the globe.

Why choose Proserv

Proserv specialise in the provision of sampling and injection solutions throughout the life cycle of the oil and gas industry.

We develop reliable and industry leading sampling and injection solutions to help our customers simplify their processes, improve performance, and extend the lifespan of their assets.

By combining our technical ingenuity with our engineering, manufacturing and field service expertise, we create innovative, industry-leading solutions that are flexible and agnostic by design, able to be integrated into any existing system.


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