Subsea Controls

  • 267 subsea control modules supplied to clients
  • 20 augmented control technology projects delivered
  • 130+ subsea control projects completed
Subsea Controls


“For subsea production equipment & systems, industry data consistently highlights subsea control systems as the primary point of failure. It follows that any subsea infrastructure should therefore have a control system with best in class reliability, with no history of, and a commitment to no future obsolescence. Proserv is significantly outperforming any other subsea control system supplier on both reliability and obsolescence, the savings to our customers speak for themselves.” – Iain Smith, President Subsea Controls

As industry technology has advanced into locating much of the production equipment on the seabed, so Proserv has developed control and safety shutdown systems that are able to operate in this equipment, either from the surface or the subsea environment.

Proserv is the leading and only dedicated supplier of subsea controls systems with a clear mission to be the industry’s subsea controls partner of choice.

Why Choose Proserv

Proserv have the most reliable and obsolescence resistant subsea control system on the market. We are the only control systems provider that can fix and/or upgrade and address obsolescence issues with all other OEM control systems, making existing OEM equipment faster, more reliable, and obsolescence resistant.

By combining technical ingenuity with design, engineering, manufacturing and field service expertise, we create innovative solutions that can be applied to standardised systems.  Proserv operates across four key business units: Drilling Controls, Production Controls, Subsea Controls and Field Technology Services, with additional capabilities found in Renewables, Sampling & Injection Solutions, and Testing & Calibration Solutions.

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