Testing & calibration

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Testing & calibration


Proserv carries an extensive rental fleet of general purpose and zone-rated equipment, enabling clients to control, monitor, measure and report during testing and maintenance activities both on and offshore.

Our rental fleet is available for short and long-term rental periods and includes hydrostatic test equipment, flushing & fluid cleanliness equipment, umbilical test equipment and electrical test equipment

With a track record spanning over 40 years, our experienced teams can offer hire or purchase agreements with options for ongoing modifications, service and maintenance.

Why choose Proserv

We improve the reliability, integrity, efficiency and productivity of critical infrastructure with industry leading controls technology.

By combining our technical ingenuity with our engineering, manufacturing and field service expertise, we create innovative, industry-leading solutions that are flexible and agnostic by design, able to be integrated into any existing system. Our Proserv technology ethos prioritises regeneration, upgrade and augmentation before replacement, widening functionality and capability, while minimising expense, saving time and reducing environmental impacts.

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