Callum Maxwell, our Business Development Manager, Renewables, has been appointed as one of two new co-chairs for the operations and maintenance (O&M) subgroup within the DeepWind Cluster. He will hold this position for the next two years.

The DeepWind Cluster is the largest offshore wind representative body in Europe with 800 members drawn from industry, academia and the public sector. It is an initiative led by Offshore Wind Scotland, a partnership driven by Highlands and Islands Enterprise, alongside multiple partners including Scottish Enterprise, South of Scotland Enterprise, the Scottish Offshore Wind Energy Council (SOWEC) and the Scottish government.

Its role is to help its members achieve greater benefits from the current and future development of offshore wind in the UK and internationally. DeepWind specialises in fixed and floating offshore wind in deeper waters, usually considered to be greater than 40 metres in depth. Since the ScotWind leasing round early in 2022, the DeepWind Cluster’s geographic reach has been extended and it now incorporates 70% of the entire Scottish coastline.

Callum will be co-chair of a subgroup, focused on supporting improved operations and maintenance within the offshore wind segment, that comprises more than 200 members in its own right with many from other leading service providers, technology developers and manufacturers. Callum’s subgroup will be hosting a webinar next month on February 21st.

Speaking after his appointment, Callum Maxwell stated:

“I am delighted to have been selected to undertake this co-chair role and I look forward to helping drive and initiate future discussions focused on accelerating better O&M in the offshore wind sector and encouraging both collaboration and greater innovation. If offshore wind is to truly grow rapidly, and with success, O&M represents a key building block on that route ahead.”