Case Studies

Case Studies

Field Technology Services

Protection structure removal and J-tube flange separation

Design and build of tooling for protection structure removal and J-tube removal for Technip's Sabratha Platform, in the Mediterranean Sea.

Inde Lima platform decommissioning

Internal and external cutting decommissioning solution for the Shell Inde Field.

Frigg DP2 platform pile guide decommissioning

Cutting and recovery solution for pile guides on the jacket structure of the Frigg DP2 platform.

Welland platform decommissioning

Decommissioning solution for the Welland Platform utilising internal pipe cutters, chain manipulators and JetCut system.

Multi-string well severance

The first of its kind subsea well removal to be completed in the Gulf of Mexico.

Bespoke Underwater Engineering

Chemical Hose Handling System

Rapid Response Engineering Solution

Laydown Head Removal Frame Australia

Buckle Initiators

Remote Grayloc Blind Installation

Leadon Field

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