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Replacement metering control system

Our client required a new metering control system on board a floating storage unit (FSU).
Chosen for our reputation
We have supplied over 200 metering control systems supplied to the industry.
Less manual intervention
With automatic control of sampling and stream switching.
Reduced maintenance costs
With condition based monitoring of dual HART transmitters.

Project background

The FSU is undergoing a major overhaul to extend the life of the asset to 2040. They needed a new system that would help to bring the asset up to modern standards and help to reduce maintenance and manual intervention.

Chosen for our reputation

With over 200 metering control systems supplied so far to the industry, Proserv was chosen because of our system’s proven quality and reliability. We had previously completed successful projects for this client and so had a reputation for being flexible and easy to work with.

This flexibility proved crucial, as the project scope eventually expanded to include an additional flow computer. As a result, we had to redesign the metering system’s control panel after the equipment had already been delivered to site. Rather than pulling the equipment back to our measurement centre of excellence in Cumbernauld, Scotland, which would have significantly extended the project and added cost, we designed the modifications remotely. The team then reworked the panel and relocated some of the HMI equipment to an area adjacent to the panel on site, all while the vessel was still docked.

Strengthening relationships

We executed part of the system’s installation and commissioning during the COVID-19 pandemic, without incident. The factory acceptance testing in Norway was far shorter than any of the client and regulator attendees had anticipated. This was due to its smooth execution and the low number of faults uncovered.

This project further strengthened our relationship with the client and proves again that we can provide an alternative to some of the OEM’s metering control systems.

Technology features

Unique features:
– Integrated flow computer calculation verification, using Valid8: calculation verification performed live, at the touch of a button.
– No need for offline verification using third party software.

Standard features:
– Secure remote access: reduces the need to mobilise engineers offshore
– Batch load recalculation based on proof results and lab values for standard density and water cut: produces more accurate batch totals
– Automatic control of sampling and stream switching: less manual intervention
– Condition based monitoring of dual HART transmitters: reduces maintenance costs

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