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Multiphase metering system for subsea wells

Remote Testing
Remote testing performed reduced the risk incurred with travel during COVID.
Secure Remote access
Remote access to a system like this reduces the need for mobilisations offshore for maintenance, which leads to cost savings for our client.
Cyber security
Designed in line with the client’s cyber security standards.

Preferred supplier

Proserv was chosen to undertake this project due to
clearly defined client benefits across cost, time and by
reducing the client’s environmetal footprint with a virtual
solution. Proserv had previously developed successful
projects for this client using bespoke and tailored solution
technology proving new approaches can further enhance
the client supplier relationship.

Project background

Proserv recently completed a metering system installation
for a tie back of eight subsea wells to an existing client
installation. The installation was for a platform in one
of the largest fields in the Norwegian Continental Shelf.
Although the metering system was designed with capacity
for up to eighteen wells, a Pressure Volume Temperature
(PVT) model was effectively integrated into the Metering
Supervisory Computer – a Virtual Flow Computer provided

Virtual solution

Due to COVID restrictions in place, we had to approach the
challenge with new thinking. Existing practices on a project
like this would see the Proserv team perform a number of
interface tests, visiting the vendor’s site with our server
or related equipment and performing testing on site.
There we would test the data handoff from our system to
theirs, however for this remote solution, we volunteered
to host the vendors’ virtual machines on our server in
Cumbernauld, Scotland, so that all interface testing could
be performed remotely.

This bespoke approach demonstrated to our client the
advantages of a virtual solution.

For testing the PVT model’s integration, we obtained
test data from the vendor that had been used prior, we
replicated the approach for our own testing to compare
the results. This remote solution saved time, expense and
lowered Proserv’s environmental footprint with no need
to phisically attend the vendor’s site to perform interface

Some of the OEM software used on this project was only
capable of OPC DA communications so we enhanced
this to provide OPC UA – a far more secure and modern
communications protocol.

Client benefits

The integration of a software package allowed our client
to derive the process conditions of the well, improve the
accuracy of the multiphase flow meter and ultimately save

Space is a premium on the platform, so the metering
system was all installed on a single Virtual Machine and
deployed on the client’s host server. This meant no physical
equipment was supplied or required to be installed saving
the client money on shipping and travel costs as well as
lowering their carbon footprint.

Having remote access to a fully virtual system that
requires little physical maintenance has proved to be a
new approach for our client, now less reliant on physical
service visits, again demonstrating a saving in time, money
and a lower environmental impact.

Providing tailored solutions

This project was by no means a conventional metering
system. Proserv teams’ expertise allowed us to build a
tailored cyber secure metering system solving the client’s
challenges. By installing a virtual machine, running a next
generation supervisory package with a PVT model built
in, and calculations being performed by a virtual flow
computer, we successfully provided a virtual technology
solution to our client.

A future-proof system solution

OPC UA communications and the capacity to meter a
further ten wells will ensure this system is future-proofed
for many years to come. For Proserv, this has proved to the
client that this system design can be used on subsea tie
backs further enhancing our client relationship.

For the client, this project is one of the most profitable
in their history, with a breakeven price of under $10/
barrel and CO2 emissions of less than 0.1 kg per barrel
oil equivalent. It also extends the life of the offshore
platform beyond 2050.

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