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Gulf Of Mexico

Full subsea production control system

Proserv delivered a greenfield solution for a deep water subsea production control system in the Gulf of Mexico.
Unrivalled flexibility
Dual SEMs provides exceptional data speed and flexiblity
Reduced CAPEX
System can be operated without the use of a running tool.
Superior service
Full provision of the control system with in-house software and technical support


The client required a subsea production control system for their project in the Gulf of Mexico, located in water depths between 3,300 and 3,700 feet. Subsea control and monitoring was required to be capable of controlling 19 subsea wells and manifolds across two independent umbilicals. Latest industry specification subsea instrumentation was used with high functionality control for production, water injection trees and down hole multi-zone smart sliding sleeves.


Work for the project was carried out at various Proserv subsea service centres and technology hubs around the world. The design and manufacture of the subsea electronics modules (SEMs) and subsea control modules (SCMs) were carried out by Proserv’s team of subsea experts in Great Yarmouth, UK, with Proserv’s Trondheim facility in Norway providing technical support. Final testing, servicing and the integration of equipment was carried out at Proserv’s controls facility in Houston, USA.


Proserv provided their latest A2G technology with SIIS L2 Canbus instrumentation, dual IWIS DHPT interface, dual SEM, and 26 hydraulic function SCMs. Each SCM provided 5,000 and 15,000psi supplies for field valve control for diverless recovery, if necessary, in deep water. The Proserv ingenious design required no running tool and included full alignment, shock absorption, soft landing and secondary breakout on the SCM itself.


The Proserv A2G dual subsea electronics provides unrivalled data speed and flexibility.

The full provision of the control system and in-house software offers a superior level of support and service not normally provided by a sub-contractor.

The ability of the system to be run without a dedicated running tool reduces CAPEX commitment and enables the flexibility of SCM support without the burden of tooling readiness or operation personnel.

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