BOP Stack Integrity Assessment: Gulf of Mexico

BOP Stack Integrity Assessment: Gulf of Mexico


A leading Drilling Operator requested the preventative assessment for a BOP stack as a measure to review maintenance processes that may have led to 20 million in downtime.


Proserv introduced a BOP Integrity Program aimed at assessing complex mission critical control system fluid flow components, supports, and connections. Dependent on the findings of the assessment, training plans would be developed to improve maintenance processes.


Proserv’s Qualified NSA Service team mobilized on location to perform the assessment beginning with tubing and pipe mapping routes for length, line identification and supports.  Once tubing and pipe identification was recorded an evaluation of tube fitting make-up and life fatigue using Proserv’s proprietary gauging system was noted for future maintenance tracking. Visu¬al and liquid penetrant testing of welds was performed to insure system fitness for service along with an evaluation and inspection of the control valves for optimum performance.


The BOP System Integrity Inspection reviewed control valve performance, tube fitting make-up, tube clamp placement and spacing, pipe weld and fit-up. Inspection results were then detailed and presented to the client as a process performance improvement audit plan.


  • Overall health check of the BOP stack hydraulic control lines
  • Meantime to failure improvement
  • Improved BOP stack reliability

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