Buckle Initiators For Flowlines: Australia

Buckle Initiators For Flowlines: Australia


The client required a tooling package capable of laterally displacing a subsea flowline for the purposes of initiating a localised and controlled buckle. The required horizontal excursion of the flowline was four metres, requiring a force of 40 tonnes. A total of 11 displacements were required along two flowlines.


Proserv developed a solution consisting of a Permanent Restraint Tool (PRT) that interfaced with the flowline and anchored it in place following the displacement. The displacement was achieved with a Super Duplex, seawater powered hydraulic ram.


The scope of supply included scrutiny and selection of a methodology, design, build, and test of the buckle initiating structures and all associated ancillary tooling. The associated tooling included the development of gas-charged soft landing systems, high flow hot stabs, ROV control panels and cathodic protection systems.


  • Controllable and adjustable displacement of flowline using reliable and robust technology
  • All valuable tooling recovered to surface post-displacement and reused
  • Minimal equipment left subsea

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