Mono Pile Cleaning Solution (Commissioning): Borkum West

Mono Pile Cleaning Solution (Commissioning): Borkum West


As part of the construction of the Borkum West Offshore Wind Farm Proserv was contracted by Seaway Heavy Lifting to carry out pile cleaning of tripod foundations on 2.5 metre diameter monopiles. As pile cleaning using a diver team is very time consuming and costly it was necessary to develop a solution that was quick and reliable with ease of deployment and recovery.


Proserv designed, developed, manufactured and tested a Marine Growth Removal (MGR) Tool that could clean 2.5 metre diameter monopiles subsea to the required surface condition on monopiles in a fraction of the time it takes a team of experienced divers.


The tool was launched and operated from the deck of the support vessel. The MGR tool is easy to launch and is self-locating onto the target pile, once positioned it self guides during the cleaning phase.


Proserv’s MGR tool successfully removed all marine growth from the 2.5 metre diameter monopiles at a water depth of 30 metres quickly and efficiently, proving to be a reliable tool for removing marine growth subsea, saving the client a considerable amount of time and money compared to diver team operations.


  • A complete 360° surface clean in 90 minutes
  • Prevents costly maintenance work after installation
  • Suits a variety of pile diameters and can be used in a full range of water depths
  • Environmentally friendly diverless technology operated remotely from the surface
  • Easy and quick to deploy with minimal human intervention required
  • Variable operating pressures up to 2500 bar (36,000 psi) with flow rates up to 200 L/min (55 gpm)

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