Bespoke Displacement Sampler: Brent Delta

Bespoke Displacement Sampler: Brent Delta


As part of the client’s decommissioning plans for its offshore platform, Proserv was engaged to provide a solution to allow them to sample their Gravity Based Structures (GBSs), which support the topside structure. This was required as the GBSs had been used to store attic oil and water during production and therefore the quantities and compositions of these fluids needed to be understood to aid environmentally friendly disposal.


In discussions with the client and their chosen contractors, it was clear that Proserv’s standard downhole sampling technology offerings were not suitable for this particular project due to limitations of the subsea deployment equipment being used and the sampling conditions likely to be encountered. Proserv therefore offered a customised solution by engineering, manufacturing, assembling and testing bespoke Proserv Positive Displacement Samplers (PDSs) to suit the client’s specific needs.


Proserv completed a rapid response project to manufacture, build and test bespoke PDS sampling tools within six days, which were then immediately mobilised for offshore operations. Two offshore technicians were dispatched who successfully completed five sampling  operations across three storage cells. Once recovered at surface, samples were transferred into Proserv ProLight sample cylinders ready for transportation to the analysis laboratory onshore.


Proserv worked closely with the client and their contractor to find an ingeniously simple, cost effective and rapid solution to their very specific sampling requirements. The successful delivery of this project will now help the client make informed decisions on how they move forward with the decommissioning of their GBS’s.


  • Rapid response project requiring customised solution delivered within several weeks
  • Quality samples captured allowing detailed analysis of cell contents
  • Environmental disposal requirements of fluids now better understood for future decommissioning needs of GBSs

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