Dredging Services: Hibernia Field

Dredging Services: Hibernia Field


Proserv was contracted by Technip Canada to provide a range of subsea equipment to facilitate pile excavation, cleaning and cutting services as part of the Hibernia OLS project to cut and recover 8 piles within the field.


Proserv designed and manufactured a soil plug removal (SPR) tool to suit the rigorous conditions found at this remote location. Proserv’s highly skilled technicians dredged down 8 metres with our internal soil plug removal tool to clear access for the water abrasive cutting of the piles at 2 metres below the seabed. At this particular location the soil type was clay, sand and silt at water depths of 80msw. While on location the formation was found to be of harder compounds than anticipated resulting in slow progress. Proserv offered a solution onsite to reconfigure the excavation system to help fluidise the sea bed material resulting in increased tool performance and significantly reduced dredging time.


Proserv supplied a range of both external and internal excavation services on this project to facilitate the cutting of piles. Proserv’s R300 dredging system was used for the external dredging of the seabed to gain access around the piles. It was then used internally along with Proserv’s internal soil plug removal (SPR) tool to clean the inside of the piles. Upon completion of the excavation work internal cuts of the piles were completed using additional tooling using a combination of our JetCut water abrasive system and internal pipe cutter (IPC).


Poor visibility and soil stiffness slowed down the operation however the work scope was completed successfully within the schedule as planned. By working with the client onsite Proserv reconfigured saving the client both time and money.


  • Robust tool for use in hazardous environments
  • Can be modified to suit any ROV
  • Can be used at any water depth an ROV is functional
  • Experienced personnel with an impressive track record in dredging projects world wide

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