Frigg DP2 platform pile guide decommissioning

Onshore Norway


Client: Global service provider

Location: Onshore, Norway

Equipment: Bespoke diamond wire and lifting plug assembly

Proserv was contracted by a global service provider to provide a cutting and recovery solution for 28 pile guides on the jacket structure of the Frigg DP2 platform located in the Norwegian sector. The client required a solution allowing them to attach four buoyancy tanks to remove the jacket structure in one piece while onshore


Proserv designed and fabricated a bespoke diamond wire ROV tool and associated buoyancy solution.

Following the completion of the cutting process the buoyancy solution aided in the deployment of the lifting plug recovering the cut pile guide.

All operations were designed for ROV operation only.


To successfully cut and remove 28 pile guides to the surface, the process included 280 separate diamond wire cut operations.

Proserv designed a buoyancy tank and lifting plug for deployment below the pile guide from where it was docked. ROVs continually monitored the progress and assisted with the docking procedure. Once secured, the lifting plug was hydraulically locked in place ensuring the ROV could attach the diamond wire cutting tool onto the mounting plate located on the lifting plug.

As a result, a 360 degree rotation around the pile guide was possible providing access to the support structures requiring severance.

Proserv also designed and provided bespoke hot stab ROV connectors.



  • Closed, open cooperation with the ROV operator to allow simulation of operations prior to the offshore phase
  • Proven track record in decommissioning cutting projects
  • Robust tooling for use in hazardous environments
  • One of the safest cutting systems available and harmless to the marine environment
  • Fully bespoke design to meet the cutting challenge



Proserv designed and manufactured a range of equipment to complete the project successfully.

The buoyancy tank and lifting plug provided ease of docking while the diamond wire ROV tool provided the ideal cutting solution.

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