Internal Jacket Pile Cleaning (Installation): Offshore Wind Sub-station

Internal Jacket Pile Cleaning (Installation): Offshore Wind Sub-station


Proserv was contracted by a leading vessel contractor to conduct marine growth removal services for the autonomous internal cleaning of six jacket piles prior to the jacket installation phase at an offshore wind substation located in the German sector of the Baltic Sea.


This was the first internal marine growth removal (MRG) project to be undertaken by Proserv and the first phase of the work scope included the design, manufacture and test of a bespoke internal MGR tool. The solution also had to feature specific capabilities ranging from the inner surface cleaning of 3557.6 mm Id jacket piles, surface finishes to SA 2.0 within pile depths of 35-40 msw and from the top of pile internal cleaning depths ranging between 7.0 – 7.5 metres.


Proserv based the design and functionality on existing tooling with external cleaning capability and modified the design to allow for internal cleaning. A new cleaning frame was fabricated with central guide cone and modified stabbing legs which engage with the pile outer diameters. A successful FAT was carried out at the Proserv Birchmoss facility prior to mobilisation. During offshore execution all 6 piles were cleaned within 25 hours from first deployment to final recovery, resulting in a total active cleaning time of 6 hours 50 minutes to complete the project.


  • Bundled service including project management, engineering, design, fabrication, testing, skilled technicians and offshore execution
  • Reduction of multiple contractors, saving the client cost and time
  • New tooling was successfully brought to market based on existing technology expertise
  • Autonomous solution omitted the need for divers or ROV intervention
  • Reduction of personnel on board

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