Mono Pile Cleaning Solution (Installation): Thanet Wind Farm

Mono Pile Cleaning Solution (Installation): Thanet Wind Farm


Proserv was approached by MPI to develop a solution that would speed up the pile cleaning process during wind turbine installation and avoid possible ongoing maintenance. Pile cleaning using a diving team is time consuming and costly so it was necessary to develop a solution that was fast, effective, reliable with ease of deployment and recovery. Furthermore, it was requested that the solution require minimal human intervention and could also be adjustable for a range of different pile diameters.


Proserv designed, developed, manufactured and tested a Marine Growth Removal (MGR) tool. This specialised solution was deployed from a support vessel and located directly upon the open pile.


The functions of the tool, including the circular track speed, jet rotation and jet pressure, were all fully adjustable and controlled by the operator on board the deployment vessel. The hydraulic power, high pressure water and electrical power to the observation camera system were supplied via an umbilical. All support equipment including the high pressure, high volume jetting pump was located on the support vessel.


Using the MGR tool, piles of 4.7m in diameter were completely prepared to a depth of 8 metres in less than two hours. Considering it would take a diving team over 30 hours to achieve the same result, this was a significant time saving for the customer. The MGR tool has been supplied to major industry leading contractors within the European offshore renewable energy sector, producing excellent results every time.


  • A complete 360° surface clean in 90 minutes
  • Prevents costly maintenance work after installation
  • Suits a variety of pile diameters and can be used in a full range of water depths
  • Environmentally friendly diverless technology operated remotely from the surface
  • Easy and quick to deploy with minimal human intervention required
  • Variable operating pressures up to 2500 bar (36,000 psi) with flow rates up to 200 L/min (55 gpm)

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