Rig Based Well Severance: Leadon Field

Rig Based Well Severance: Leadon Field


Maersk has embarked on a programme of work to decommission the Leadon Field in the North Sea.  Proserv was engaged to supply a solution for the internal cutting and recovery of wells in the South Cluster during March 2016.  The semi-submersible Sedco 704 was contracted by Maersk to complete the work and Proserv deployed its Multi-String Cutting (MSC) equipment spread  to complete the operation.


Proserv’s Multi-String Cutting tool uses abrasive water jetting technology and was selected as the solution to conduct internal well severance. This method was chosen over traditional methods as it offered significant time savings and the adaptability to sever strings made up of differing IDs, cemented or un-cemented. Tooling to recover the severed wellheads was also mobilised allowing single trip severance and recovery. The cutting time for a three string well ranged between four and six hours with the eight well campaign completed over the course of nine operational days.

“We were looking for new technology and methods to improve and simply P&A operations. Proserv’s MSC tool provided the ideal solution for our needs, providing superior cutting capability and speed.”


This is the first rig-based well severance and recovery project completed by Proserv in the North Sea.  The operation was completed ahead of schedule with well severance times exceeding client expectations.  A strong collaborative effort between Proserv, the client and rig teams resulted in an efficient and successful campaign.


  • Reliable cut of cemented or non-cemented casing strings
  • Contactless cutting technology reduces risk of stuck in hole
  • Single trip severance and recovery
  • Adaptable tooling that can deal with various casing IDs
  • Reduced vibration in drill string

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