Multi-String Well and Platform Severance: West Delta Block (GoM)

Multi-String Well and Platform Severance: West Delta Block (GoM)


Following a number of successful platform removals with Couvillion Group, Proserv was contracted to provide abrasive cutting services on a large decommissioning campaign in the West Delta Block of the Gulf of Mexico.


The scope of work was abrasive cutting for the removal of 17 total structures.  The cutting requirements included 13 multi-string wells, 53 piles and 3 caissons.  The work was to be completed from a 125-class lift boat; with the proving of the cuts and structure removals conducted separately.

Deck space was limited on the lift boat, such that no redundant equipment could be mobilized and the shallow water conditions proved difficult for the lift boat to provide the clean water supply necessary for cutting. Yet the Proserv crew was still able to safely load a full 15k Well Cutting spread and a Internal Pipe Cutting Tool onto the deck.

The project demanded rapid execution, along with a high degree of confidence in the success of the cuts.

“With the help of Proserv, Couvillion removed a total of 27 wells, 17 four-pile jackets, 9 caissons and 3 major platforms. Proserv’s score came out to be 99%, an excellent score that gives us no choice but to continue with your company and its employees in 2018.”


The resulting operational difficulty and wear on equipment were overcome by constant monitoring and an aggressive maintenance program by the Proserv Subsea Services team. A removal campaign of this size can very easily average 30 or more days to complete. However, all of the cuts proved successful and the entire cutting scope of 17 platforms was completed in 19 days.


  • Reduced overall project costs
  • Reduced risk
  • Maximised project efficiencies from the outset

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