Subsea Control Module Retrofit

Subsea Control Module Retrofit


A remote unmanned platform in the North Sea supports two subsea production wells linked to a Host platform. The subsea control system is over 20 years old, is unsupported by the OEM and has suffered from repeated failures, unscheduled shutdowns, and limited remote support leading to a significant loss of production.


Proserv provided a retrofit solution using the existing Subsea Control Module (SCM) hydraulic and mechanical hardware but replacing the Subsea Electronic Module (SEM) for a more reliable and fully supported unit. This provided a replacement solution with the incumbent Subsea Control Modules (SCMs) and thus an upgrade path to improve availability and support and system capability.


A study was undertaken to consider the implications of SEM replacement within each SCM, including the use of existing inductive couplers which are inherent in the system. Each SCM was disassembled, pre tested, retrofitted and FAT tested with new Proserv electronics. The surface control system was also replaced with a new MCS to replace the OEM system and provide communications to the retrofit SCMs.


  • Significantly less expensive than a replacement
  • Significantly greater technical performance and reliability
  • Enables production from an otherwise non-productive field
  • Higher reliability and availability
  • Optimised uptime
  • State of the art electronics and connectivity
  • Remote connectivity

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