Bespoke Pressure Retaining Plugs: Northwest Australia

Bespoke Pressure Retaining Plugs: Northwest Australia


As part of the client’s decommissioning plans for an oil and gas project, a requirement was identified to extract a sample of steel spool from within a PLEM (pipeline end manifold). In order to re-establish a double-barrier system, a pressure retaining plug needed to be installed in the spool at the location of the cut.


Access within the PLEM structure was limited, and a plug that could be installed and operated in such restricted confines needed to be designed. It also posed challenges regarding the location and quality of cut that could be achieved. The plug needed to be able to accommodate a variable interface, possibly on a curved section of spool.

Leveraging an extensive track record of bespoke pressure retaining plugs, a design was created that used a clamp to react the pressure-induced forces and an expanding seal to complete the isolation. Installation and all operations were undertaken by ROV, with no additional tooling required.

“Proserv continues to be the supplier of choice when bespoke, pressure retaining plugs are required. This recent success further strengthens Proserv’s position as the leader in this market.” ~ Linden Jones, General Manager Perth Australia


Proserv worked closely with the client to create an ingeniously simple solution to the challenges faced. This latest design further broadens Proserv’s track record for developing bespoke plugs for any subsea application.

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