Remote Anode Replacement


The client had a requirement for an anode retrofit to a bundled services pipeline due to the original galvanic anodes suffering from trawler damage. Proserv was chosen to supply a solution that would allow for terminations to the bundles and provide preventative maintenance cost savings.


Proserv’s friction welding technology was selected as the ideal solution for the anode retrofit to the bundles. A workclass ROV provided the platform for the HMS3000 friction welding system to be fully integrated with to deliver the welding. A bespoke clamping arrangement was also designed, built and tested by Proserv for deploying the friction welding technology onto 38.5” and 49.5” Ø bundles. The design included an actuated hinge which enabled welds to be performed below the horizontal plane of the bundle thus protecting the connections from potential snagging. This method was chosen over traditional anode clamps which are significantly more vulnerable to future trawler damage. The tooling was deployed and operated by an ROV in water depths up to 200 metres with 42 anode sleds being installed, with two cable terminations from each.


The Proserv friction welded termination solution, including a bespoke clamping arrangement and provided a significantly lower snag risk to alternative anode clamps. The solution provided was robust and reduced the likelihood of damage to the bundle being caused by trawler net snagging as the welds were below the horizontal plane.


  • The terminations were made close to the seabed to avoid future trawler damage
  • No interruption to production
  • Cost savings through preventative maintenance

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