ROV Dredging: Tuna Kipper Turrum Field

ROV Dredging: Tuna Kipper Turrum Field


Proserv was contracted by Tamboritha consultants to remove drill mud and tailings down to the solid seabed, to allow the installation of steel mud mats and pipeline protection frames to protect the main gas line from any falling objects during upcoming construction operations.


Proserv provided its 6 in. ROV dredging tool (Proserv Dredging System 150 mm) which has been used successfully on previous dredging projects.

The Proserv Dredging System (150 mm) can be fitted and operated from an Industry standard Work Class ROV system, utilising the Dirty Work Pack to control the hydraulic motor, which has been designed for subsea excavation and disposal of sediment and gravel up to 150 mm.


Proserv manufactured a custom mounting skid to suit Tamboritha’s Super Scorpio work class ROV. The skid allowed the Proserv Dredging System (150 mm) to be held neatly beneath the ROV with a hydraulically adjustable exhaust pipe. This permitted the exhaust pipe to be positioned upwards, out of the way against the ROV during deployment and recovery, and then downwards, blowing debris away whilst dredging. Throughout the dredging project a Proserv technician supervised the operation of the tool by the ROV team, ensuring the scope of work was completed as efficiently and safely as possible.


The Proserv Dredging System (150 mm) was successful in removing the dense drill mud and tailings, as well as many solid items including hand tools and M24 nuts and bolts within the scheduled project duration.


  • Robust tool for use in hazardous environments
  • Can be modified to suit any ROV
  • Can be used at any water depth an ROV is functional
  • Experienced personnel with an impressive track record in dredging projects world wide

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