Subsea Brownfield Co-Exist Solution

Subsea Brownfield Co-Exist Solution


With a step out distance of 6km and water depth of 1200m, the challenge was to provide communication from an existing topside system to the subsea system via power-line communication, co-existing with FMC KOS 150 SCMs. The key requirement was to optimise system performance, delivering a design life of 20 years.


Proserv provided a retrofit Open Communications Hub (OCH) solution to provide co-exist hi-speed communications on the power-line with the existing SCM. This enabled the conversion of AC high voltage to DC with the provision of power management subsea to all instruments


The provision of high bandwidth communication and co-exist technology with the existing subsea system delivered all the key requirements on performance as set by the client.


The system was qualified to provide shared electrical power with the P6 production SCM and utilise a fibre optic distributed temperature sensing and P/T gauges to monitor functionality of the P6 gas lift system.

A marinised DTS (in-well Distributed Temperature Sensing) was developed and the installation of fibre optic technology provided a platform for the client to evaluate fibre optic technology for future applications.

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