Subsea Sampling System

Subsea Sampling System


A leading operator commissioned Proserv to design, manufacture and supply a subsea sampling system capable of capturing reservoir fluid samples at reservoir temperature from subsea christmas trees to support operations on a North Sea development.

This award was based on the launch of Proserv’s new and fully-certified subsea sample cylinder, our ability to provide a bespoke solution within a short time frame and a long-standing relationship with the client.


Upon award, a project delivery team was established involving design engineers, project managers, buyers and technicians, who all worked closely together to deliver this project within an extremely tight schedule. A conceptual review was quickly held with participants from several Proserv business units, all of which contributed to the design.

The completed subsea sampling system was fabricated, assembled, tested and shipped from our flagship subsea test facility in Aberdeenshire within 11 days of official call off.


The diver operated system was designed to meet the following requirements:

  • 6 x 2 Litre Sample Cylinders
  • 2 x 2 Litre Slops Cylinders
  • Water Depth of 100 meters and a pressure rating of 1000 psi minimum
  • Isothermal sampling – circulation of hot water within skid to reduce risk of wax and hydrate formation
  • Compact design to interface with XT
  • Delivery within 11 days from call off


The full sampling process was completed within 24hrs. Subsea verification confirmed estimated sample volumes and allowed the client to sign off prior to equipment removal from subsea. Once the skid was returned to land the sample cylinders were isolated, removed from the skid and sent to a laboratory for analysis.


  • Direct from tree sampling
  • Single or Multi Phase configuration
  • Easy to use diver interface
  • Subsea cylinder heating
  • Variable sample and slops capacity
  • Closed loop design for zero discharge

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