Welland platform decommissioning

Southern sector, UK


Client: Independent E&P company

Location: Southern sector, UK

Equipment: 15,000 psi JetCut solution; circumferential chain manipulator (CMM); internal pipe cutter (IPC)


Proserv was contracted by an independent exploration and production company to carry out all cutting operations on the Welland Platform. While assisting with the decommissioning of the platform, Proserv utilised their industry leading JetCut water abrasive cutting systems.

Proserv provided all cutting equipment and personnel to assist with the removal of the platform.


This work scope included subsea and topside cutting using a range of tools including Proserv’s 15,000psi JetCut system. Trials were carried out at a Proserv facility in Aberdeen and a full site
survey was conducted to determine platform access and equipment requirements.

The cutting operations were carried out in two stages. Topside cutting was completed in the first phase followed by subsea cutting operations concluding the work scope. The topside module was reused, as an extra safety precaution in case of adverse weather conditions following topside severance where angled cuts of 20 degrees were performed. The method ensured no damage occurred internally to the stabbing cones.



  • A wide range of topside and subsea solutions for platform decommissioning
  • Experienced personnel with an impressive track record in decommissioning cutting projects
  • Robust tooling for use in hazardous environments
  • One of the safest cutting systems available and harmless to the marine environment
  • Internal and external cutting solutions provided



Proserv’s JetCut water abrasive cutting technology was utilised to sever three 54″ external topside legs to assist with the removal of the topside module.

A further three 54″ internal cuts two metres below the mud line were also performed for the removal of the jacket.

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