Our CEO Davis Larssen has participated in the “Let’s Talk Transition” podcast series hosted by OGV Energy and moderated by Moray Melhuish. The series supports OGV’s Renewables Quarterly title produced in association with RenewableUK. In a wide-ranging discussion, Davis references how offshore wind presents an opportunity for the UK to become a global leader, particularly in floating wind, creating new tech, thousands of jobs and exportable skills. Davis also suggests openings currently exist to adopt fresh methodologies around wind farm engineering, construction and operation.

OGV Podcast with Davis Larssen - Let's Talk Transition advert

As an approved OEM partner with SilcoTek Corporation, Proserv can coat and recoat our Inconel 725 range of Type 6 piston cylinders with SilcoNert® 2000 or Dursan® at manufacture or recertification stage.

Why does this matter?

Recorded on December 8, 2021, watch our joint webinar with Silcotek to find out more about the importance of using inert surfaces to obtain accurate sampling results.

In the latest Proserv Podcast ‘Insights from our Mentoring Champion’, Stuart Harvey, our Digital Innovation Manager, talks about our company-wide mentoring programme, what somebody could expect from the initiative if they were to join it and gives his advice to anyone thinking about seeking the support of a mentor as a means to furthering personal development.

Find out more: People Stories and Mentoring, interview with Yasmin Madden and Lee McLean

Service & Solutions – Recovering from the pandemic

Posted: October 26, 2021

Our Operations & Business Development Director, MEA, John Bright recently participated in a Leaders in Energy podcast focused on the Covid-19 pandemic hosted by OGV Energy and moderated by Stuart Broadley, the CEO of the Energy Industries Council (EIC).

In a wide-ranging discussion, the panel discussed the impact of the global pandemic as a catalyst for change around business practices and strategy. John talks about our impressive roadmap in the Middle East and how we have built our offering to some of the biggest players and NOCs in the market. John also touches upon our plans in the digital space, including offshore wind and our AEGIS asset optimisation solution.

John’s first segment begins after 24 minutes.

Listen to the podcast.

This podcast is shared here with the kind permission of OGV Energy.

Kriss Melvin from our corporate HQ in Aberdeen and Laura Quiroz, based in Houston, USA speak to PR and Content Lead Jonathan Sheikh-Miller about our recently devised ESG commitment and roadmap on the environment and sustainability in our latest Proserv Podcast. Almost 40 Proserv team members, across all functions and global sites, came together to draft our new aims and aspirations, with particular focus on our environmental strategy and our aim to be a carbon net zero company by 2050 or sooner.

Kriss and Laura give their views on our environment and sustainability strategy, the route ahead and what they have taken from this process.

Sampling subsea can help provide solutions for numerous areas of the industry. Through monitoring and managing the chemistry, composition and chemical residuals, it offers significant improvements to flow assurance, integrity, reservoir management, metering and production chemistry. Through routine operations, vital knowledge can be accumulated, thus supporting flowline risk management frameworks, minimising potential restrictions and blockages, which, in a worst-case scenario, could result in the catastrophic loss of production and field infrastructure. Production losses in the UKCS in 2019 amounted to 146m barrels of oil equivalent, and effective, pinpointed production chemistry could have alleviated a significant proportion of this.

Proserv took part in a guest webinar hosted by Subsea UK. In this webinar, Richard Barr and Jake McClress will take you through how, through monitoring and managing the chemistry, composition and chemical residuals, subsea sampling offers significant improvements to flow assurance, integrity, reservoir management, metering and production chemistry.

Watch the webinar

Paul Cook, our Senior Product Manager – Renewables, has participated in a fascinating Underwater Technology Podcast with SUT, focused on our exciting new offshore wind condition monitoring solution ECG™, or Electro Cable Guard, and how our collaboration with Synaptec and BPP Cable Solutions evolved.

In the discussion hosted by Andrew Connolly, part of the SUT’s Aberdeen branch and the SUT Council, Paul also explains how our ECG™ technology delivers a vast step-up in condition monitoring capabilities, when compared to current market offerings, and details the latest developments in its progress.

Listen to the podcast

On June 10, 2021, Renewables Product Manager Paul Cook joined forces with Synaptec‘s Tom Morley and BPP Cable Solutions‘ Darren Moore to participate in the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult webinar, titled: Subsea Cables: The Cutting Edge Of Innovation And Opportunity.

In the webinar, Paul, Tom and Darren discuss the ECG™ cable monitoring system: our new holistic cable fault detection and monitoring system, built in collaboration between the three companies. The innovative system is designed to enhance the ability to detect, locate and predict cable life expectancy.

You can now watch our presentation within the webinar below.

Subsea Cables: The Cutting Edge Of Innovation And Opportunity
June 10, 2021

View the full webinar and details on ORE Catapult’s event page.

Our GM, Abu Dhabi, Angus Rodger has provided a one-to-one video interview about our recent acquisition of Dron & Dickson’s Middle Eastern business – Dron & Dickson Electromechanical Contracting (DDEC) LLC. Angus explains how the new offering will broaden our team’s service capabilities in the MENA region and open up further possibilities across the energy supply chain.

Senior Vice President Iain Smith participated in a Subsea Review podcast hosted by OGV Energy and moderated by Subsea UK’s CEO Neil Gordon. The aim of the discussion was to explore how the supply chain within the subsea sector is positioning itself to capitalise on new opportunities in energy markets. If you missed the live broadcast itself, you now have the opportunity to catch up on the full discussion.

Podcast overview

As the blue economy increasingly grows in scale and significance, it brings an ocean full of opportunities for the underwater engineering sector. Forecast to be worth around $3 trillion in the next 10 years it, along with the worldwide move towards energy transition – our green economy – has opened up exciting new prospects for companies agile and willing to consider how their capabilities can be applied across a diverse range of industries.

Technologies and skills which have been developed and refined for decades in the seas around our coast, initially and primarily to service our oil and gas industry, are now employed around the world.

Increasingly in demand in offshore wind, their application is eminently transferrable across all the emerging sectors of the blue economy with diversification opportunities in areas such as defense, floating wind, marine science, and aquaculture.

Listen to the podcast

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