The Chemical Assurance Challenge

The Chemical Assurance Challenge

Posted: February 2, 2017

In this low cost operating environment the reoccurring challenge is how to maximise production capacity whilst reducing operating expenses. It is an ever prevalent topic in our daily customer discussions.

Chemical Injection is a 24/7 requirement in the oil and gas production process, both on and offshore. This is because various chemicals are used, many in critical applications. They remove formation damages, clean blocked perforations, reduce corrosion, improve crude oil quality and support flow-assurance.

Despite this, production chemicals are one of the highest operating expenses on a production facility. However, clients are over injecting by up to 20% because they are not confident in the effectiveness of their chemical management programme.

The Proserv Approach

We collaborate with operators up front in the early design phase and anticipate flow-assurance problems over the life of the production asset. As a result, Proserv can provide bespoke solutions that enhance field safety, increase production levels and reduce operating expenses.

In addition, our verification and validation systems help prove the effectiveness of chemical management programmes and identify necessary changes early. This mitigates any serious operational, safety and integrity concerns and potential loss of revenue.

Proserv has been designing and manufacturing chemical injection systems to clients globally for over 40 years. Many of our systems contain smart features including the Proserv ‘Smart Box’. This is a real-time monitoring solution for evaluating onshore and offshore wells in remote sites.

At Proserv, we bridge the gap between production and safety. Clients no longer have to choose between the two.


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