Digitalising Chemical Injection

Digitalising Chemical Injection

Posted: June 27, 2018

Proserv is committed to helping customers gain better control of the amount of fluids going into the production line. As a result, our team in Scandinavia have produced a new pump to, ultimately, increase chemical injection reliability. We spoke to our Scandinavian team about how they designed a tool to support our customers’ needs.

Why was the tool developed?

Having discussed the issues our customers have when it comes to daily operations and chemical injection, we were aware that there is often difficulty when measuring the volume of fluids going into their lines, largely down to lack of control during the injection process.

Tell us a bit about the production and design of the Proserv pump…

We started with a Lewa pump made for chemical injection and made it frequency-driven to widen the range. An Emerson flowmeter was added for accurately measuring the volume going out of the pump. The built in Programmable Logic Control (PLC) then adjusts the frequency driven el-motor using input from the flowmeter.  Two pressure sensors were mounted, one for backup in case the other one fails. The pressure sensor on the pump is used as an electronic safety valve, whilst a mechanic safety valve is added for increased safety. A touch screen allows our customers to set flow, pressure and total volume.

Remote control and digitalising information

The unit can be set up offshore and then wired to the control room where it can be remotely controlled. This means you can easily control flow, pressure and volume injected from the office. The pump also allows you to send reports showing how much fluid has been injected on a daily basis. Communication to and from the pump is something that can be modified on request.

More information about the pump can be found on the Proserv E-Store (Scandinavia) here.

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