Working for the future

Our ESG commitment

At Proserv, our commitment to sustainability guides us as we develop better technologies, better working environments and, ultimately help develop a cleaner, safer and more equitable world for future generations. We strive for best practice in all areas and to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals wherever possible.

Our mission to extend the life and improve the reliability of energy assets has real-world environmental benefits. We are committed to reducing the carbon emissions of ourselves, our customers and our supply chain to support sustainable energy generation. Indeed, it is a cornerstone of our technology ethos.

But sustainability goes beyond technology advancement. We care about our people, their development and how we conduct ourselves as a business. We support equal opportunities for all, a diverse workplace, and an environment where colleagues are encouraged to thrive and fulfil their potential. Doing things the right way is wired into our Proserv FRESH values and we adhere to high standards of governance, integrity and regulatory compliance.


Net zero by 2040

Proserv’s vision is to achieve carbon neutrality ahead of UN compliance targets through genuine reductions and minimal reliance on offsetting.

Proserv will help to protect the planet’s future by ensuring we remove more greenhouse gases from the atmosphere than we emit. We aim to be a carbon net zero company by 2040.
carbon net zero by 2040

Our approach to carbon action

Proserv has a voluntary committee called the Carbon Action Group (CAG). This group provides advice and support to site representatives around the company, sharing data and progress on our efforts to reduce Proserv’s carbon footprint across all scopes. Site representatives at each facility develop their own initiatives and targets, initially focusing on reducing emissions created by travel, power, water and waste. This ensures that targets are realistic and that solutions can be tailored to each site, according to local conditions.

How will we become net zero?


  • CALCULATE carbon emissions and other greenhouse gases
  • REDUCE emissions wherever possible
  • SUPPORT the supply chain in doing the same
  • BALANCE the remainder using carbon offsets


Proserv’s strategy aims to reduce, balance and support across all three emissions scopes.


SCOPE 1: all direct emissions from activities under our control.

SCOPE 2: indirect emissions from power sources purchased and used by Proserv.

SCOPE 3: all other indirect emissions from Proserv activities occurring from sources that we do not own or control.


Read our full Carbon Action Strategy here.


Our commitments

Proserv will ensure that its personnel are able to work in a professional, safe and discrimination-free environment.

People Policies

Our people policies are focused on ensuring equal employment opportunities for everyone. We prohibit discrimination based on gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, religious beliefs, age or any other status protected under applicable law and are committed to treating people with mutual respect and dignity. As such, we will not tolerate any form of abuse, victimisation, bullying or harassment. Our recruitment and selection processes support diversity and inclusion and are gender neutral by design.

Learning & Development

Supported by our FRESH values, our mission is to allow our people to continually develop, thrive and reach their full potential. We support knowledge sharing and empower our employees to develop themselves through access to coaching and mentoring, learning libraries and webinars. We provide role-specific and developmental training and further education support, including sponsorship and competence frameworks. Our commitment extends into the future and beyond Proserv, as we continue to support the promotion of the STEM sector as a viable career option for all, working with schools, colleges, universities and employer forums.

Employee Engagement

We are committed to giving our employees a voice through employee representative forums, employee engagement surveys and regular town hall meetings. We have systems in place that actively encourage open conversation and interaction around the globe, and provide channels, such as online reporting systems and surveys, that allow employees to provide direct feedback to identify and understand issues or concerns. We also work with employee advocacy groups and Change Champions to identify opportunities for improvement, where benchmarks for future and past performance can be made.

Pay and Conditions

We provide a fair and cost-effective pay and reward structure that motivates and retains our employees. We support fair pay, where people doing the same or similar work are paid within appropriate salary ranges for the work undertaken, and we provide generous core benefits that are funded by the company, such as medical insurance and retirement plans. In some countries, we provide additional voluntary benefits which employees can choose to select. We support flexible working and have a policy that can be applied to all roles in the organisation, and we will make reasonable adjustments to enable equality of opportunity for all our employees.


Our commitments

As an organisation, we ensure our corporate structure and governance are fit for purpose for delivering our goals.

Corporate structure and governance

Led by a board of directors, with responsibilities delegated to the senior leadership team, we ensure our corporate structure is fit for purpose for delivering our goals and objectives. Governed by the LLC Agreement, we have committees in place to ensure that appropriate oversight and governance are maintained over matters of particular importance. We have developed policies and a Business Code of Conduct to ensure that we carry out our business in a legal and ethical manner and expect those with whom we do business to embrace similar values and standards. We abide by the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), UK Bribery Act 2010, the Dodd-Frank Act and Proserv companies must comply with all applicable export control laws and economic sanctions when conducting international business.

Business and personal integrity

Proserv personnel are expected to perform and work with honesty and integrity and comply with all applicable laws, regardless of whether such activity is specifically covered by our business ethics booklet or any other Proserv policy. Proserv personnel must avoid conflicts of interest between their private activities or personal interests and their responsibilities and duties owed to the company and are prohibited from trading in shares or other securities in Proserv or any other publicly traded company based on inside information. Proserv will not engage in any activity or business practice that are in breach of any applicable competition and/or antitrust law to which they may be subject. We also undertake reasonable due diligence with our supply chain to understand the origin of the minerals contained in Proserv products to avoid conflict minerals.

Protecting Proserv employees

We are committed to ensuring our workplace is a safe and ethical place to work for all employees, contractors and stakeholders. Proserv has a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery and human trafficking and has a number of policies and procedures in place to guard against the risk. Proserv is committed to ensuring that our employees have the right to create and join organisations of their choice without fear of reprisal or interference, and we are committed to ensuring that our employees can work in an environment that is free from harassment, including victimisation and bullying. Proserv’s business activities are governed by stringent HSE principles designed to ensure best practice and compliance across our operations.

Protecting Proserv assets

We are committed to ensuring that our assets are not at risk from fraudulent activity, or exposure from data and confidentiality breaches. We are committed to supply chain transparency, with our supplier base qualified, monitored and audited through an approved vendor list using a procurement policy. Proserv will not condone, facilitate or support money laundering or fraud, and will comply with all relevant national and international laws and regulations. Proserv personnel must protect confidential information, proprietary information and trade secrets in their possession from unauthorised use or disclosure. Proserv will comply with local privacy laws and legislation affecting the acquisition, maintenance and use of personal data, for both employees and contractors, clients and agents.