From then to now

From then to now

Posted: April 6, 2018

As part of our commitment to encouraging young people into engineering, we recently spoke to Paul Livanos, our recently appointed Project Manager in Perth, Western Australia, about his extensive career:

Where do you think your interest in engineering came from?

With my father being a trained technical draftsman and my mother a science teacher, I was naturally guided towards maths and science from a young age. Thankfully, they were also very artistic and creative so the combination of the two led me to fall in love with building things; but more specifically fixing them. Breaking a problem down in your head and then creating a solution can be very exciting!

I decided to study engineering at university and I was quickly attracted to mechanical design. In my final years there, I was heavily involved in Formula SAE – a student run initiative which allows student teams to compete and produce a formula style race car. We designed, built, tested, funded and marketed the car, but most importantly we got to race it!  The team environment was most appealing to me. We had loads of fun whilst truly working as a team, achieving a lot of success and a number of design awards along the way.

What were you doing prior to joining Proserv?

Before coming to Proserv, I worked in design engineering for a research and development-based hydraulic suspension company. I was contracted to Nissan and worked in production, as well as on their SuperGT race team. I then started working in the subsea design industry in 2011, mainly within engineering with some trips offshore aboard dive support vessels. I was keen to then gain exposure to all aspects of the business and took the position as a proposals engineer, working on tenders and bids.

I officially joined Proserv as a Senior Design Engineer in 2014 followed by a short, but valuable, experience as a lead engineer at Aker Solutions. I am now back with Proserv and enjoying my new role as Project Manager.

What do you like best about working for Proserv?

The best part about working at Proserv is without a doubt the people I work with and the relationships you develop along the way.

What challenges have you come across in your career?

The biggest challenges I’ve faced in my career is when things don’t go according to plan. However, these are also some of the best opportunities to grow and develop. You need to stay focused on finding that solution and doing everything you can to get there.

One of the greatest things about engineering is the fact you can end up anywhere! I may be managing an exciting, never been seen before, subsea project, or I could be taking on the challenge of heading up a new team in another country. I look forward to finding out where my career takes me!

What do you get up to outside of work?

Out with work, I like to give a lot of time back to the engineering community and so I have sat on the SUT sub-committee for a number of years.

What advice would you give to anyone interested in engineering?

My advice for anyone looking to become an engineer would be to get involved, show initiative and be on time – first impressions are everything!

Watch Paul’s video below where he discusses one of the recent projects he worked on in Western Australia. The case study for this project can be found here: Bespoke Underwater Engineering

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