Getting To Know Proserv’s CEO

Getting To Know Proserv’s CEO

Posted: June 25, 2018

Our new CEO, David Currie recently sat with our communications team to explain more about where he hopes to take Proserv and his commitment to “openness and transparency”.

So, David, you have a vast amount of experience in the energy industry. What sparked your initial interest in this field?

Energy chose me, really. I began working with FMC after university and at that time they worked across various industries, not just energy. I was in the Energy Division and the company sold everything as they grew that group, and so I grew with them. My first oil and gas experience of running a business was at one of their plants in France where I ran a Surface Business. A great move for someone who had graduated with a Law degree from the University of Aberdeen, followed by a Postgraduate Degree in HR from the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen.

What attracted you to Proserv?

I have always thought of Proserv as an innovative player with great customer focus. Bringing the customer ‘into’ your business is something I really believe in. Proserv is agile so I’m excited about how we can grow and build on our successes.

What excites you most about your new position?

Helping make us a sustainably greater company. It’s about growing globally with our customers.

What defines your way of doing business?

If we are going to build something then team work is imperative; after all, great success always comes from great teamwork.

It’s also about creating the right environment – enabling everyone to give their best, helping our people to grow and the business to succeed with them. We need to create an environment where it is safe to make a mistake (this is very different from underperforming) as you can always learn from them and learning is what improves us.

What can the industry expect from Proserv in the future?

Innovation, but also improvement that’s driven not only by our technology but by our superb delivery in all that we do.

What does success for Proserv look like to you?

Being a fundamentally stable business who can add value for customers, always on the leading edge and ready for a challenge. Growing Proserv, whilst increasing our level of support to customers, is my vision; all whilst fostering a great working environment where people can grow their careers.

What would your life motto be?

If you don’t enjoy what you do, change it!

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