Gilmore Unconventionals Q&A: 2021 Strategy

Gilmore Unconventionals Q&A: 2021 Strategy

Posted: April 14, 2021

Jean-Louis Doguet, VP Unconventional Solutions, explains the thinking behind Gilmore’s ambitious push into a new market.

Why is Gilmore targeting unconventionals in its strategy for 2021?

Gilmore’s leadership challenged us to consider future growth and evolution of the company where our proven technology in drilling and subsea could be applied to other industry segments that would benefit, and welcome innovation and advancement.

What can Gilmore bring to the unconventional market?

Decades of engineering and experience in severe service environments, where reliability is required rather than expected.  We bring fresh eyes and thinking to an environment that’s been evaluated by professionals in an industry challenged with continuous improvement.  On occasion an “outsider” looking in will have an alternative view that can transform conventional thought, and if we are effective in delivering our tech and solutions to this space, we can offer value-based enhancement. 

Primary innovation in this segment concentrates on more prolific puzzle pieces, power systems, dual fuel, pumps, eFRAC and environment, social and governance (ESG) advancements.  Pumpers have sought to find efficiency gains by increasing HP, reducing footprints, or by utilizing both diesel and natural gas combined.  While this focus on capital intensive components of pressure pumping is rational and logical, it translates to less attention and innovation directed to iron, flow, and pressure control.  Most pumpers rely on 3rd party suppliers for this equipment so the burden rests with those providers to innovate. Gilmore would like to challenge that burden.

What does the FRAC market need from its flow control solutions?

It needs equal parts innovation, diligence in continuous improvement, and reliability assurance.  Pumpers and operators would greatly benefit from better flow control solutions that have increased lifespan beyond what’s currently available, delivering reduced shutdowns, maintenance schedules and higher efficiency.  A more durable product means less human interaction with equipment, more pump time and more stages per day.  All of that translates to higher profit margin and improved safety and ESG goals. 

So, what’s the Gilmore plan moving forwards? 

We are transferring proven technology we have supplied year after year at 10,000 feet below sea level to the pressure pumping arena in an effort to raise the bar on flow assurance.  A core message is that we are not offering the unconventional market new products; we are simply introducing our reliable solutions in a new field of play.  For 50+ years we have demonstrated our ability to deliver class leading flow control solutions in our initial field of expertise. Our designs, technology, material selection and industry-leading test protocols will continue to deliver the most robust and resilient valve solutions available today and tomorrow, whether seabed or frac spread.

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