Hugh McNeal, Proserv non-executive director and CEO of RenewableUK (2016-2021) writes:

Since moving on from my role leading RenewableUK in 2021, I have sought involvement with outward-looking companies and organisations that are driven by innovation, a collaborative spirit and a commitment to engineer the technologies needed to propel the growth of the renewables sector in the UK and around the world. Proserv is undoubtedly one of those companies, as I have seen at close hand in my capacity as a non-executive director over the past year.

Proserv’s vision has been spearheaded and steered by its forward-thinking CEO Davis Larssen. Davis has led his team’s strategic pivot into renewables by reconfiguring oil and gas control system technologies to develop disruptive solutions for offshore wind. The potential for our sector is massive.

Davis works in partnership. At Proserv, he has built alliances with cutting-edge UK start-ups as well as leading developers and OEMs. If elected to the RenewableUK Board, he would bring that commitment to collaboration, and his experience from across the energy supply chain, to Board discussions; a crucial voice for the supply chain with know-how of working successfully with OEMs, developers and operators.

Davis knows first-hand the challenges of breaking into the renewables supply chain. But he remains optimistic, seeing especially offshore wind, including the opportunities in floating wind, as an opening for the UK to emerge as a genuine world leader, developing new technologies and industrial sectors, creating thousands of highly skilled jobs, with the chance to export this knowledge around the globe.

Davis’s outlook for how he sees Proserv’s journey ahead, his passion for seeing the expertise of start-ups find a route to commercialisation and how that could benefit and enhance the UK’s future energy system, are key factors in why I was attracted to his team last year.

Our industry has many talents. But Davis would bring an instinctive entrepreneurial spirit, leading a global business employing hundreds of people across the UK that is living the energy transition, as well as being someone who wants to listen to, understand and act on the needs of all RUK members.

I urge all RUK members to support Davis’s strong candidacy in the current RenewableUK Board Election.

Hugh McNeal