“Like a kid in a sweetshop” – Artemis House Staff and Family Open Day

“Like a kid in a sweetshop” – Artemis House Staff and Family Open Day

Posted: May 14, 2018

To celebrate the recent opening of Proserv Great Yarmouth’s new Centre of Excellence – Artemis House – we held a staff and family open day to allow the wider community to see what Proserv has been working towards for the last year.

Stuart Burman, Parts Sales Coordinator, was keen for his seven-year-old son to visit his new, enhanced workplace. He said: “To say my son, Finley, was like a kid in a sweetshop would be an understatement. He’d heard so much from me about what the new facility would offer and so his eyes lit up as I showed him various pieces of equipment and what they were capable of doing.”

Artemis House, within Great Yarmouth’s Beacon Park, brings many benefits for both the Great Yarmouth team and our customers:

  • 65,000 sq ft site, including 25% additional manufacturing space, unites staff from previous two Proserv sites
  • Dedicated specialist rooms including hydraulic clean room, electronic build and environmental test facilities for the assembly and testing of topside and subsea technology
  • Improved hydraulic clean room to facilitate a greater number of SCMs and greater height for retrofit SCMs
  • Increased crane lift capacity within main workshop (20t)

As a supporter of The Year of Engineering, designed to encourage young people into the field of engineering, Proserv is passionate about showcasing the different job opportunities and sheer variety that comes with a career in the energy sector.

Stuart added: “At just seven, Finley is already displaying an interest in engineering; figuring out how things work and how it could be improved. Young people bring such a fresh, and sometimes very unique, outlook to engineering and so we need to nurture that initial appetite if they are to become the driving force that we need.

“Whether it is employing apprentices or allowing schools to visit working sites, I feel strongly that companies, and their staff, have a responsibility to mentor the younger generation as they really are the future of any business.

“Finley is already looking forward to his next visit to Daddy’s work and I will do my best to encourage that excitement!”

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