Artemis House

Proserv designs, manufactures, tests and services subsea control systems, wind controls and offshore wind cable monitoring to the energy industry. The state-of-the-art facility is fully equipped to deliver new-build systems, as well as extensive subsea brownfield solutions via Proserv ACT, with obsolescence support, and SCM upgrades and refurbishment. And as a leading technology centre, Artemis House develops and engineers leading data analytics and intelligence applications for condition monitoring and real-time optimisation.

Service and production capabilities

  • Class 7 clean room for subsea electronic modules (SEM) build and test areas using proprietary test equipment
  • Extreme temperature and humidity cyclic stress testing of electronic assemblies for subsea applications
  • Electrical assembly, panel build – cable run and termination and testing facilities
  • Software testing with test master control stations, SEM simulators and emulators, umbilical simulation and electrical testing units
  • Fibre optic distributed sensing system integration
  • Cable assurance services for inter-array and export cables for offshore wind
  • Major mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment assembly with 20 tonne lifting capacity
  • Small bore pipe and instrument tube fitting using ferrule fitting, MP fittings, weld joints or couplers
  • Tubing, small-bore pipe and light structural welding
  • Hydrostatic and leak testing of hydraulic systems, tubing, manifolds and low volume high pressure containing systems
  • Hydraulic flushing and cleanliness examination of hydraulic systems
  • Climate controlled laboratory for sample analysis
  • Individual package function testing and full control system integration testing
Artemis House
Gawain Road
Beacon Park
Great Yarmouth
NR31 7DU
+44 (0)1493 652 611