Proserv’s dedicated research and development hub

Proserv’s Trondheim facility is our dedicated technology development centre for all of Proserv’s subsea controls systems. At Trondheim, our dedicated in-house team of subsea controls engineers work on the development of customised subsea solutions, including specialist electronics and software.

Our world-leading communications technology is developed here at Trondheim, using in-house expertise to ensure that our products never go obsolete.

Design and development capabilities

  • – Development of customised subsea solutions using state of the art methods and proven technology for up to 3,000 depth rates
  • – Development of specialised electronics for rugged subsea environments according to ISO 13628-6 / API 17F
  • – Development of all critical software offering full data integration with all standards
  • – Senior expertise for complex networks with focus on retrofit interfacing with existing infrastructure
  • – Electrical and network anaylsis
  • – FEED studies

Service capabilities

  • – Qualification and ESS testing
  • – Electrical assembly, topside and subsea
  • – Mechanical equipment assembly
  • – System integration testing
Strandveien Facility
Strandveien 43
N-7067 Trondheim
Ole Tom Furu, Account Manager
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