Periscope Components – Super Duplex (Zeron 100)


Proserv was approached by a client within the defence sector with a requirement for complex component parts for a periscope. There were five orders placed in total and took periscope technology to a new level.



Proserv provided two highly complex components for use in the assembly of the periscope. The material required to make the parts, Super Duplex (Zeron 100), is challenging to work with due to the machining methods required and the nature of the material.


The Super Duplex raw material moves after each machining stage so each component had to be allowed to settle for 24 to 48 hours after each stage in the process. This is a lengthy process but due to improved machining efficiencies the parts were delivered three weeks ahead of schedule.



  • Enhancements to the component parts has allowed users to benefit from a range of improved functions from flexible viewing capabilities to static imagery
  • Delivered on time and within budget

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