Station Depositor & Conveyor – New Equipment Manufacture

Client Challenge

Proserv was approached by a leading biscuit manufacturer to provide a solution for their tea cake biscuit product line. The current depositor and conveyor system offered 8 production units per row and suffered reliability issues, low production performance and high waste output.



The clients current system required an upgrade and Proserv designed and manufactured a wider conveyer belt and a new 16 station mallow depositor head with state of the art Siemens touch screen control and new compact Mitsubishi drive technology.

The new design seamlessly integrated with the existing automation system and the manufacturer has seen a vast increased volume and improved throughput figures for the product in a significantly reduced amount of time. The system now produces 480 tea cakes per minute, 28,800 per hour and 691,200 per day, almost 5 million per week. The machine runs 24 hours a day and product waste has been reduced to less than 1% of total production an increase of over 300% on products produced on a weekly basis.


By implementing an ingeniously simple design which complimented an existing system Proserv has manufactured and delivered an efficient state of the art system for the client at their manufacturing plant in Uddingston.



  • Increased productivity outputs and less waste
  • State of the art touch screen Siemens controls and compact Mitsubishi drive technology for ease of operation
  • Less risk of downtime due to the availability of real time data
  • Significant reduction in maintenance due to the new design features

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