Subsea Tree Manufacture – New Build


The client approached Proserv to machine, manufacture and test a range of core subsea component parts for their Christmas tree new build project.



Proserv provided precision machining, manufacturing, coating, painting, test and assembly services to the client as part of the overall project. Each component part was manufactured to exact specifications and held until the client had a requirement for them.


Work for the project was carried out at two Proserv subsea service centres. The precision machining and manufacturing of the component parts were carried out by Proserv’s team of machining experts in Coatbridge, UK. Proserv’s Birchmoss UK facility assembled all tree component parts and conducted the full testing regime as requested by the client’s project requirements.



  • Reduced time and cost through one streamlined process
  • Coating and painting trials allowed the client to review design and specifications simultaneously
  • Attended various onsite testing scenarios and simulations, as well as remote viewing of assembly gas testing from the client’s office

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