Chemical Hose Handling System: Australia


Proserv was approached by a major oil field service company to devise a way of managing four-inch chemical transfer hoses from a wharf over the gunwale of a vessel during bunkering (transfer) operations. Depending on the vessel and the tide, the gunwale was over four metres above the level of the wharf and hose management was achieved with manual handling and mobile cranes.

A number of different chemicals require bunkering, some of which are corrosive, and so consideration had to be given to guarding against corrosion and spills.



A number of different hoses required management and so a modular system was devised, allowing dedicated hose reels to be dropped onto a common deployment mechanism. This reduced initial expenditure and allowed the operator to quickly and efficiently change the fluid being transferred by exchanging reels using a forklift.

A pneumatic rotary drive system deployed and recovered the hose from the reel, greatly reducing manual handling requirements. A pneumatically driven arm mechanism lifted the hose to the required position above the gunwale from where it could be accessed by technicians on the ship.


Proserv successfully delivered a novel and efficient solution to a new client, leveraging existing contacts and engineering know-how. The success of this project highlights the relevance and value of Proserv’s ‘ingenious simplicity’ applications in solving any challenge.” Linden Jones, Proserv’s General Manager, Australia



• Manual handling was reduced and dependence on mobile cranes removed
• Modular design provided efficient operation
• Safeguard mechanisms prevented the reel being lifted away when the drive system was engaged
• Working platforms, protection structures and ergonomic design kept operations safe

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