Gunvald Falkum, GM, Proserv Stavanger explains how a recent equipment rebuild and refurbishment project in Norway was guided by our philosophy and outlook as a company.

FRESH success with the Proserv Stavanger services team

At Proserv, our FRESH values mean a lot to us – they are more than uplifting words to put on a poster and place on a workshop or canteen wall. Sure, it’s really important as a global team that we see them, get to know them and ultimately understand our company’s unique methodology. But they also define how we work and how we operate.

In recent months our team in Stavanger has demonstrated the power of each and every one of these values as we innovated a new improved solution by rebuilding and renovating an older piece of equipment that was losing value and utility. It has needed teamwork, expertise, creativity, continued high standards and support to deliver this. Here’s how:

Forward as a team:

This project would never have got off the ground without the vision and support of the Services’ management team to develop our original business case for rebuilding and refurbishing an older ultra-high-pressure unit (UHP) and then crucially the Proserv senior leadership to show faith and back us, by supplying the necessary financial commitment to enable us to achieve this. So, now our plan becomes a real project.

Right thing, right way:

And the hard work begins. To refurbish and rebuild an older piece of equipment so that it is transformed into a positive asset for the company requires as much diligence and application as any new build. In this industry, with its critical need for high safety and quality standards, this rebuilt UHP must offer a comparable level of reliability and reassurance. Our team harnessed its capabilities to engineer a unit that meets industry demands for flow rates and pressure levels.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Perhaps this value more than any other encapsulates what our team has demonstrated through this innovative project. To refurbish and to recycle fits with our wider Proserv strategy around our ESG commitments to reduce waste, to limit carbon footprints, including through our supply chain, and to keep our focus always on looking to reuse rather than replace. This helps our own efficiencies and those of our customers.

Serious about service

This has perhaps been the most impressive part of the whole experience. Again, showing togetherness as a group, the team has shown such commitment to work intensively over several months to ready this UHP for its first assignment and meet our clients’ deadlines. When the finishing line was in sight, it was no surprise to see our guys going the extra mile to work into the early hours of the morning so that we could deliver on time.

Help, share and communicate

This is like a no-brainer – such key qualities are wired into the global Proserv community. The team at Proserv Stavanger had to come together and share its expertise, support each other as the weeks passed and the end point loomed on the horizon, and continually give feedback on how to problem solve, find solutions and progress further along the road.

By combining all the above FRESH values, the team in Stavanger has met its objectives. From an initial idea regarding an asset with diminishing value and worth, we have innovated a new, improved product which will recoup all its development and rebuild outlay in just its first year. We’d like to think this one focused project shows the power of our principles in action.