Overcoming Obstacles

Overcoming Obstacles

Posted: March 19, 2018

As part of our continual support of the UK’s Year of Engineering initiative, we interviewed Proserv’s Sampling Product Specialist, Bradley Savoldelli, to understand why he became an engineer.

Growing up, Bradley, 26, was always very hands-on, stripping car engines and getting his hands dirty. So it’s no surprise that he chose to do a Mechanical Engineering apprenticeship; something he completed whilst at Proserv, having joined the company back in 2011.

Throughout his career, Bradley has overcome many challenges; the biggest being his dyslexia diagnosis just five years ago at the age of 21. He explains: “I was really struggling with the Maths side of my apprenticeship and it wasn’t until one of the teachers at college started looking at my work and asking me questions that we discovered I was dyslexic, with both numbers and words. It hadn’t been picked up before so it was a relief to finally discover the real reason behind why I found certain exercises so difficult in the classroom.”

Bradley took the diagnosis in his stride, going on to successfully complete his HND in Mechanical Engineering. He added: “I was never the most academic; however, I had a passion for fixing and engineering things. That mixed with a strong work ethic has stood me in great stead, proving that I can add value.”

Bradley’s time is currently split between the workshop and office at Greenbank, as well as travelling offshore and internationally to train customers and colleagues. He is recently back from trips to America and Mexico where he carried out training on the servicing and maintenance of our sampling products within sampling laboratories for a number of customers and also a University.

“Being in a technical support role within the workshop has allowed me to gain great knowledge and without that, I wouldn’t be able to train others globally. I have a great relationship with our clients, providing them with a complete lifecycle service from design to execution.

“My ultimate goal is to be running a facility like Greenbank. I am taking the time to shadow members of our Business Development team so that I can learn new skills when it comes to the commercial side of things, including negotiation.”

Do you have any advice for future engineers starting out?

“Whenever I speak to new apprentices, I always say learn from your mistakes and please be confident enough to ask questions, however silly you think they are as they’re often not! And don’t let bumps in the road put you off achieving your end goal – I’m proof that these bumps are only obstacles that you can recover from.”

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