Proserv People Stories – Service Technician Shailesh Shetty

Proserv People Stories – Service Technician Shailesh Shetty

Posted: August 25, 2020

Our new series focuses on stories from around Proserv Controls. Here, we speak to Shailesh Shetty – a level 4 service technician based in Abu Dhabi.

When it comes to service, Proserv has a long, award-winning history delivering service excellence in the Middle East. We most recently demonstrated last year, when Proserv won the EIC Export category due to its successful strategy of boosting growth through service localisation in the Middle East. But behind the big headlines and awards, lies our 700+ employees working behind the scenes, all dedicated to delivering quality products and service excellence.

One such employee is Shailesh Shetty. Shailesh works on the ‘front lines’ of Proserv, as a level 4 service technican. In his role, Shailesh travels out to oil and gas fields across the Middle East to install, service and upgrade Proserv equipment.

“I started my Proserv career in 2009 in Dubai as a technician, working in the field and in the workshop. At that time, I was handling all the assembly parts, taking care of all the testing and manufacturing of our products. From there, I was given the chance to be production supervisor, and eventually moved to Abu Dhabi where I became a field service technician.

Extensive service experience

As Proserv is a controls specialist, this requires Shailesh to have a strong knowledge of all aspects of our controls business, from wellhead control panels, to sampling and injection systems, to working with our legacy brands, such as CAC and Brisco. Thankfully, Shailesh’s experience and skills have more than equipped him to face the many challenges he comes across working out in the field:

“I mostly deal with topside wellhead control panels, hydraulic power units, chemical injection skids, and flushing and pressure testing activities. Whatever product we supply to the customer, whether that’s a Proserv product or a third-party product, we do the commissioning, installation, modification and servicing. We will do whatever job is needed by our client. Sometimes, when I go out into the field, it’s a one-man operation, but other times I need to have a whole team with me. This has made for a very enjoyable career with Proserv, as the work is very varied.”

Forward as a team

Such a busy and detailed role requires a strong team, and it’s the strength of Proserv’s team that has kept Shaliesh with Proserv for well over a decade:

“That’s the thing about Proserv – it’s all about our value of Forward as a Team. At Proserv, we all support each other and openly share ideas. If anyone has any ideas on how to improve the business or the workplace, we will be listened to and supported. That’s the best thing I’ve observed here. There is no difference between the management and workshop, whatsoever. We are all treated the same.”

This commitment to working forward as a team has had a real impact on Shailesh’s career development, and is why he works in the field today:

“From a development point of view, Proserv is really strong. If you are interested in dialling up your career, Proserv will give you the opportunity. I have observed that many times. If you have the ability, you can do anything, and you will definitely get the support from management, and the company will get the benefit.”

Right thing, right way

For Shailesh, having the right support and training behind him means that he can deliver a key FRESH value for Proserv: Right Thing, Right Way. “My goal is to always do the right thing, the right way, so we can reduce any rework costs and time – everything really. If you can keep client satisfaction high by delivering good, quality products and services, the client will always be happy and only call us – that’s the goal!

Shailesh’s positive attitude is well recognised by his colleagues. Abu Dhabi’s general manager, Angus Rodger said of Shailesh:

“Simply put, Shailesh embodies what it means to be a valuable player within our services team here in Abu Dhabi. He not only brings a vast amount of technical experience to the team, but also has the skills to translate this into real value for our customers. This in turn ensures they are always receiving the highest level of service. He shows, on a daily basis, the value of attentiveness, whether that be in proactively leading client interactions offshore, or supporting the internal team with mobilisations.

As we settle into our new, dedicated service facility in Abu Dhabi, and see an increase in demand for our experienced field service personnel, Shailesh continues to demonstrate what makes Proserv’s service team so strong. His attitude, experience and openness within the team really is a credit to himself and the whole Proserv family.”

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